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In the film's opening, Baby Doll slept in a small crib-bed while sucking her thumb as the desperate, sexually-frustrated Archie peeked at her through a hole in the wall (and thrust with a penknife to make the hole wider - as her mouth opened and closed around her thumb).The film's most notorious, highly-sexual seduction scene was severely criticized - but mostly for what was not shown just below the camera's frame.

It's just the age when nothing fits."One of film's most iconic and immortal sexual poses was found in this film, The Seven Year Itch (1955) -- The Girl's (Marilyn Monroe as a quintessential, iconic blonde sex symbol) ecstatic famous shot in a white dress flying and billowing up around her knees.

After he called her a "glamour puss," she left the house: "This isn't my home." Her mother (Rochelle Hudson) attempted to be reassuring, but admitted that she too didn't know how to help their problematic adolescent daughter: "She'll outgrow it dear, it's just the age...

The Oscar-winning title tune swelled in the background as their two cigarettes merged and ignited. So I put on my new dress and I came out and he grabbed my face and he started rubbing off all the lipstick. Another time, while real fireworks exploded through the open doors in the background (over the water in the night sky), other 'sexual' fireworks burst within the room between them - she had invitingly turned out the lights: "If you really want to see the fireworks, it's better with the lights out. Then tell me you don't know what I'm talking about.

For you are gentle and there is nothing stronger in the world than gentleness. " In a famous provocatively-teasing line, Francie made an offer to Robie, referring to the fried chicken (and more) that she had brought on the picnic, causing him to do a double-take: She was enticed by the possibility that he was a famed jewelry thief, and wanted to join him: "The Cat has a new kitten. " When he tightly gripped her arm, she told him: "You're leaving fingerprints on my arm." He pulled her down on top of the picnic basket to 'steal' a kiss from her and make her part of the lunch feast.

After a tense and swervy car ride to evade a pursuit car, she parked at a "lonely and secluded" picnic spot that she had picked out, overlooking the seaside town, where they shared the contents of her picnic basket placed on the front seat.

Later, she invited him to join her for a picnic basket lunch and a drive in her open convertible sports car ("I have my car and a basket lunch with chicken and beer").Later, in a memorably lewd sight - Vaccaro mounted and sat astride a small wooden hobby horse - rhythmically rocking back and forth on the tiny toy whose head was hardly visible between his legs - gyrating back and forth to the raunchy accompaniment of the rock song "Shame on You."He pursued Baby Doll through the house (and in one instance - generally considered in bad taste by critics - when he tickled her as she squirmed on her back by rubbing her stomach with his shoe) and up to the attic to get her to sign a statement about Archie Lee's arson.sang an off-key, inept, but innocently sensual rendition of "That Old Black Magic" in the Blue Dragon - a run-down honky-tonk night-club in Phoenix. She smiled as moving trains below blew and lifted her dress upwards above her legs with a rush of air: He had escorted her back to her hotel suite - and to his complete surprise, she unlocked her hotel room door, turned - and then after a warm glance into his eyes, she placed her arm around his shoulder and passionately kissed him (the kiss was initiated by her). "When she tried to steal another kiss, her father slapped and chastised her with a reprimanding tone ("Stop that! She stood spread-legged astride a New York subway vent grating to cool herself during a hot summer, when a train whooshed by underneath her.(During their drive, Eric told Antoine about the dangers of remaining in Saint Tropez with Juliette: ("That girl is made to destroy men.") Tennessee Williams' play was adapted by controversial director Elia Kazan for the pot-boiling Southern drama Baby Doll (1956) - harshly condemned by the Catholic Legion of Decency for its depiction of older aged men pursuing an under-aged female.