First impressions dating service

You both like sushi, the Black Keys, and the same political party. I’m constantly terrified that whoever I’m on a date with is actually an axe murderer, so this part is easy for me.

Whether or not you fear this as a real possibility, it's important to remain mysterious on the first date.

Play that game, and the rules will work in your favor.

A man likes it when a woman appears super confident, and vice versa, for that matter. Don’t be creepy and look him square-in-the-eye at all times, but don’t dodge eye contact, either. Tuck in your tummy, gently pull your shoulders back, and uncross your arms.

Feeling immediate butterflies in your stomach can actually alter your perception of your date's personality, due to a little something called the halo effect.

The phenomenon — most frequently associated with your wholehearted devotion to certain celebrities — causes you to make positive assumptions about people you find attractive, even though you may know little about them.

Take advantage of the mystery and let him play the guessing game for a while.

It makes you more appealing, which means he'll need that second date.1.Love at first sight is a tall order, but research shows that some snap judgments about your date are unavoidable, if not downright instinctual.It actually takes less than one second for a new person to make an impression.There are, of course, ways we can attempt to control the impression we leave.People who wear "dressier" clothes (suits, blazers, etc.) and glasses come off as more intelligent — while women who wear red or have visible tattoos are somehow assumed to be more promiscuous.So as much as you want to talk about yourself, genuinely care about your date.