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Below are 13 tales, lightly edited for clarity, that we received in the weeks since our previous post went up.Have your own Kevin Spacey story, or heard one from a friend? For a small-town boy, this was a big deal, and I was awed on a near-hourly basis in Park City.and some of the other people they were with back to his suite at the Ritz Carlton for an after party. I thanked him for the nice evening and left,” said L. It was also convenient to where most of them were staying and the shooting downtown.

Throw it in the comments below, or From: [Redacted] Date: Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at PM Subject: Kevin Spacey @ Sundance. On the third night, at a vodka-sponsored soiree, I felt a hand on my bum at the martini bar. I didn’t really have my wits about me at this point; I was more starstruck than uncomfortable, and simply smiled politely and passed him a drink from the free bar.He followed me around the room and asked me to a private after-party: ‘Give me your name, and I'll put it with mine—you’ll get in.’ So I did, like a drunk kid hands over his ID to the cops without question. Armstrong, Warren Buffet, and various other big names, but the one time Kevin Spacey came in was different. shift the following day and looked like he had been up doing cocaine for days.This story culminates when I start to notice a bit of a tinge in L.’s facial expressions as he goes into the next part of his story.He explains that at the end of the night Spacey invited my coworker L. ” I asked with the utmost curiosity.“He did try to bang me…. I am 22 years old and do not question my heterosexuality whatsoever, but if Kevin Spacey tried to bang me, I’d be out and back in the door with a tube of Astroglide before he could even take off his belt off., he was staying in an old firehouse converted into a somewhat chic urban dwelling. Anyway, he frequently went to the gay bar, which in all fairness was the only place to hear decent music or get blow, and a lot of the cast/crew went there.I remember Judy Dench in particular thinking he was a dick.

I have a friend who used to work for one of the big studios, and she had the misfortune to work on a Spacey film once.I was a bouncer at the Hollywood Athletic Club, which is basically a huge facility off Sunset that hosts several different clubs at once. Producers for a film having a “wrap party” called “The United States of Leland.” Chris Klein and the entire cast and crew were at this party.I was at the door/red carpet entrance the entire night with the list and saw everyone who came and went.She was out at a bar with her gay friend afterwards and Spacey sidled up to the guy.He (reportedly) asked the guy if he was down for a blow job.From the way she described his behavior, though, it wouldn't surprise me at all if that's just his MO—she said he was completely lecherous and predatory from the moment he walked on set.