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And it sure does not help, that we are not exactly going into a house, more like a bungalow, nah, a fucking mansion. I can only gape as the sheer splendour of the place hits me in the gut. Wait, weren't they on war with the Council for like an eternity?

And we have just reached the foyer."Himeko, are you sure you know this person? I am sure I heard Bossun say something along those lines earlier.

These are personal adventures that cultural explorers dream of!

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A naturalist will be on board to discuss biology and behavior of seals and other marine life encountered Dinner Party with great food, make new friends while in a search to find the killer, the actors will involve audience members by secretly sitting at the tables and dropping clues and inviting everyone to "solve the mystery". You keep your art work Fun mixer hands on Beer Tasting with 20 different choices "Pour your own" tap beer system.

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Held on Friday or a Saturday night, our dinner parties typically have 35-45 attending.

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It was on a special request by a very special friend, ehm, cousin of mine, Uj2003. I had only just transferred to Kaimei but she wasn't exactly an unpopular person. "She told me to bring you over when I mentioned your earlier request of getting to know more people." I nod. I was not particularly unfriendly or shy, quite the contrary, I had a flamboyant personality, no trouble making friends, but I had asked those geezers just in case to humor them when I heard of their club. We are standing at the threshold of some kind of living room, that much I can tell, and its so expensively furnished even the people inside do not seem particularly comfortable with it. There is that white haired ninja who the first years are going crazy about and a rather timid looking pink-haired girl, wait I remember, Usami. But I know there is no way through this girl so I sigh and stick my hand right in.

(Reader insert obviously, duh) List of characters included: Bossun Switch Shinzou Shinpei Dante Agata Michiru Cause noone's ever done these before, even though the anime has given us all a number of drool-worthy boys. ""Because you sleep your way through half the school hours." Switch types on his laptop. He has olive green eyes that seem to hold a strange sparkle. I can feel my eyes widen before a strict, stentorian voice reaches my ear. I look up at a rather pretty, spectacled girl who I recognize as Daisy, another FAN CLUB owner. A hat is passed around to every male and we are asked to turn away. And when I look around I can see all of these guys are well above average on the looks' scale. I sigh as I start to make dream images while two workers haul a huge closet into the room, which goes in opposite direction from the base colour scheme. And I keep chuckling till the hat is forced into my face.