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Afterward, Ella feels compelled to confront Janine at the crack house. 22 August 2007The firehouse is overwhelmed by a nasty storm that hits Atlanta. 22 August 2007After Jazmine "rescues" a hamster from her school, assistant principal Nicole Jamieson comes to the Payne household to investigate, sparking a schoolboy crush from Malik.Miscommunication about retrieving the kids from school causes a mix up that leads to sparks flying between C. When Malik finds out that Jazmine did abscond with the hamster, the two kids make a pact to keep it a secret. discovers that Calvin has been dating Tracie behind his back.

Meanwhile, Bart's obnoxious nephew hangs out at the firehouse and challenges Malik to a firefighter battle 16 April 2008Janine, CJ and their respective dates attend a party, but revelations about Janine's pregnancy cause complications.Elsewhere, when the TV fades out, Curtis connects with the cable guy 19 March 2008Ella heads to the hospital after a lump is found in her breast.But Calvin's old ways get the best of him causing him to get fired from his new position.2 April 2008When ,000 is found in CJ's truck, a moral dilemma about what to do with the cash begins tearing the Paynes apart.She confides in Janine but hides it from the rest of the family.

Meanwhile, another crisis develops when Calvin witnesses a neighborhood crime, and is urged to go under witness protection 19 March 2008Calvin finds out that he's graduating from college and tells everyone and later learns that the school made a mistake.

Meanwhile, Malik continues to win over his new crush, Taylor. has to deal with an all too grateful woman after saving her life - much to the amusement of his fellow firefighters.

12 December 2007Curtis' womanizing friend Jimmy, who sponges off women, charms Claretha. 2 January 2008Jazmine reveals her fear of visiting the dentist when she develops a painful toothache.

Of course, Curtis wants it as payment for housing CJ's family, but the Paynes can always rely on Ella to lead them to do the right thing.

2 April 2008After The Babershop Crew discovers a secret, CJ corners Tanya about her appearance in a racy music video.

Soon, Calvin gets involved, and mayhem becomes the order of the day. Brown, Cora and Will come by the Paynes after Pop Brown's funeral. Meanwhile, Ella has had enough of Janine once she learns that she has been taking advantage of her 5 December 2007Just as C. and the kids adjust to their new surroundings, an unexpected break in changes everything. Meanwhile, Curtis guides the firehouse into a mandatory CPR certification.