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Involuntary euthanasia in the service of a policy of racial purity by those who take themselves to be racially superior is perhaps even worse.

But other than the use of the word "euthanasia" there is little in common between the Nazi practice of euthanasia and the kind of euthanasia envisaged by those who defend the legalisation of that practice today.

“I have taken the position which argues for the inevitability of genetic enhancements. “People talk about a new eugenics, a different kind of eugenics.

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“And you can quite easily imagine that if one were to apply these techniques to germline editing the place where it’s going to happen is going to be associated in some way with IVF clinics.

I’m afraid the US is one such country where it seems very unregulated.

The second is a headline quoting Glenn Beck, a conservative radio and television host in the US.

But what exactly is the link supposed to be, between eugenics on the one hand, and euthanasia, on the other?

But neither of these two kinds of scenarios looks at all like the mass killing of persons against their will, the behaviour the Nazis engaged in.

There may well be ethical issues raised by the prospect of legalising either voluntary or non-voluntary euthanasia.

“Anybody undertaking these human experiments is likely to be highly vulnerable when things go wrong - though not as vulnerable of course as the unborn child.

This may be an effective deterrent for the time being.” “They have professional guidelines you’re supposed to follow, but clearly a lot of clinics don’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have things like Octomum, where a mother had eight babies. It’s bad for the field.” Earlier this month the Francis Crick Institute gained approval to start genetically engineering human embryos for research.

One obvious connection between the two, strongly suggested by both of the headlines just mentioned, is that the Nazi's practiced both.

When people link eugenics, euthanasia and Nazism they are not usually intending merely to point out an historical fact, the way I am intending to point out an historical fact when I tell you that the ancient Romans watched gladiatorial combat and wore sandals.

“With the power of the market and the open information published in journals, I am sure that humans will want to try to ‘enhance' their children and will be prepared large sums to do so.