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"You can set options that instruct Dreamweaver to automatically clean up your hand-written code according to criteria that you specify.

So at the very beginning, you should make a realistic determination whether or not it's worth it to convert all your Go Live Webs to Dreamweaver.

Because of the real hassle and real loss in functionality involved in converting older Go Live Webs to new Dreamweaver Webs, some Go Live users may want to simply maintain their existing Go Live Web sites in Go Live, and slowly move their Web work into Dreamweaver as new, from-scratch Dreamweaver Webs are created.

There were also a couple pages that absolutely exploded in Dreamweaver.

I'm not sure exactly why this is, but they were built in from the scratch in Go Live 6, and they displayed fine in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Now go back and look at your remaining Go Live Components again. Here is Adobe's help for creating Mouse Overs and Slide Shows with Dreamweaver Behaviors (although Adobe Flash would be the tool of choice for many Web developers, if Adobe hadn't dumbed down Dreamweaver and made this officialy impossible to do).

Do any of them employ Go Live Head Actions, such as On Load Slide Show Auto and Pre Load Image? This second approach requires more time and energy up front, but it ultimately produces a cleaner result in Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver simply does not have the ability to replace many Go Live features.I mean, why downgrade your Web mastering power and make yourself a weaker Web master before you have to?Others like me, however, may not have this option, so let's keep going... All you have to do now is open every page in your migrated Web in Dreamweaver and correct as needed, which in the case of this site totaled more than 1,000 pages.How about Go Live Body Actions such as On Mouse Up, On Mouse Down and On Mouse Over? Even now, two years after it was discontinued by Adobe, Go Live remains a stronger program than its successor, Dreamweaver, both in terms of feature set and bang for the buck.The former are used for the Javascript slide shows you can build in Go Live, while the latter are used for the Javascript Mouse Overs, Mouse Downs, etc. When you migrate to Dreamweaver, they'll all be flattened into the pages where they appear and all the links will be broken -- in even the best Go Live-To-Dreamweaver Migration scenario. No wonder Dreamweaver has been called the "poster child for the dumbing down of PC software." Some of Dreamweaver's limitation may seem a little esoteric (Adobe acknowledges "there is no Dreamweaver equivalent to the Go Live Quick Time and Real Player Editors"), but others are really basic (Dreamweaver lacks a Site Map feature, even though earlier version of Dreamweaver had it when the program was owned by Macromedia).This free extension will convert any of your Go Live CS2 or Go Live 9 sites to Dreamweaver CS4 sites, including defining a site and organizing assets, snippets, and templates..."HAT A HOOT! As many Adobe Go Live users have discovered to their sorrow, the official Adobe Go Live Migration Tool (that is supposed to convert existing Go Live Webs into Dreamweaver Webs) doesn't work in many cases, and the biggest losers are Adobe's most loyal, longtime customers. No matter what Adobe claims at the top of the official Go Live Migration Kit documentation, what the company says at the bottom is what really matters. Note also: If you created your site with Go Live CS (7) or older and then upgraded to Go Live CS2 (8) or Go Live 9, you may experience problems with the Go Live Migration Kit extension for Dreamweaver CS4.