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Ballard-Reisch: “This might sound coarse, but so much information is available to us online now. Ballard-Reisch: “If you decide to meet someone in person that you’ve spoken with only online, there are some tips and some cautions to be aware of. Have a panic word in case you have a quick second to call them if you need help.

If you’re thinking of meeting someone you have met only online, Google them. And keep your phone online so you can be tracked through GPS if necessary. If something feels wrong, get out.” Ballard-Reisch says if you engage in online dating, protect your identity.

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Estimates are that one in five romantic relationships start online today.” Of course, the way people used to get to know each other in the past is still the way many people develop relationships today, as Ballard-Reisch explains.Ballard Reisch: “We used to develop romantic relationships with people we went to school with or knew through church, or family or friends introduced us to, and now we supplement that by meeting people online.So if someone asks you to send them money, especially out of the country, run.” Ballard-Reisch says language fluency is something to pay attention to in online dating.Ballard-Reisch: “One of the things to look out for in online dating is that, when people claim language fluency and then they have grammar and syntax and spelling errors, if their language doesn’t seem right, it likely isn’t.” Ballard-Reisch says to be sure to get more information if you’ve only gotten to know the person online. We used to be able to rely on our support networks — our family, our friends, et cetera — to vet people for us, and when we meet people online, we can’t do that anymore.” For anyone thinking about trying online dating, Ballard-Reisch offers the following tips. Let your friends and family know where you’re going, with whom and when you plan to return.Now, internet dating is something that does not require much of your time or money.

In fact, you can do it in your pajamas from your home at a fraction of money that you would otherwise spend to take a girl.I am not sure why, but as I got older the women seem to get younger and more pretty. I now find myself spending a lot of time in the Philippines, and I recommend you do the same – if you have been looking for love in all the wrong places.Please enjoy reading my comments/suggestions about how to find Romance and Love in Asia .Include flattering pictures of yourself and reach out to people that you find interesting.Don’t wait for them to come and find you.” Thanks for listening.And stop complaining about Western women — just jump on an airplane to SE Asia.