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In Scotland, ferry passengers to and from the Isle of Arran were warned of "a heightened possibility of disruption due to forecast high winds".

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Her grandson Ryan, Terry's only child, now works as a realtor in Carmel - but refuses to discuss his famous grandmother. They would walk all around the estate, walking and talking.

Photos of Terry are seen around the house – and in a glass cabinet and Sydney said: ‘I’m sure in private moments when he passed away, Doris would have looked at those photos a lot. Heartbroken: Doris Day was left devastated by the death of her only son Terry Melcher from cancer in 2004 aged 62.

Dozens more BA flights to and from Europe have been cancelled, including two round-trips to Amsterdam, Munich and Istanbul.

KLM has axed three round-trips from Amsterdam, while Lufthansa and its Eurowings subsidiary have grounded services from Cologne, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt to Heathrow.

Indeed, Sydney said that Doris, whose greatest movie hits include Calamity Jane and Pillow Talk, had kept the same household staff with her for decades and treated them as close friends, up until recently. She’d always be making calls, receiving calls, going out to breakfast, going out to lunch, taking the dogs for walks.

He revealed: ‘A friend of mine went round for dinner recently and Doris served it on paper plates. Memories: Doris Day looks pensive in a photo taken by her former assistant Sydney Wood.Dozens of flights for Thursday have been cancelled to and from Heathrow airport.The airport says: “Strong winds and poor weather forecast for February 23, related to Storm Doris, are expected to cause some flight delays and cancellations across the UK.Sir Paul and his ex-wife Heather Mills came to Carmel and brought Doris a pot plant and Girl Scout Cookies and stayed for five hours as Sydney said: ‘Paul asked me to take a picture of the three of them.They hugged and said goodbye, what they talked about I have no idea, but I’m sure it would be about her career. He still calls her now.’Although she had a love of food – Doris maintained a Hollywood diet, as Sydney said: ‘She never really ate that much, but she’d always work off what she ate.Rail travellers within the UK have been warned of disruption caused by speed restrictions imposed because of worries about debris being blown onto tracks.