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Mc Innis said she got pregnant "right away," but the excitement soon gave way to devastation.

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Of the two lone New Jersey titleholders -- Bette Cooper, in 1937, and Suzette Charles, in 1984 -- the first reportedly never wanted to win the pageant -- and ran away after her crowning - while the second held the crown just seven weeks after Vanessa Williams resigned, following a controversy involving a nude pictorial.

Even if history is stacked against her, Giannini says she's going to try.

Some clinics use 52 as the upper age limit, but they take women's health into account, and older women are able to give birth through the procedure.

"I certainly have cared for pregnancies of women in their older 50s," BC Women's Hospital Obstetrician Dena Bloomenthal said.

There are thousands of frozen embryos left over from IVF treatments in North America, belonging to couples who successfully conceived a child.

Rather than destroying the embryos, some are choosing to freeze them in case they want to undergo another procedure, or donate them to couples who haven't been able to conceive on their own.Lindsey Giannini's family is firmly rooted in Hammonton.This is the sign for her grandfather's real estate business, just off the White Horse Pike in Hammonton.In Canada the process is known as embryo donation, but the majority of donations are made between couples who know each other.Some fertility clinics will coordinate donations and facilitate open adoptions with couples in the States, who are willing to sell or donate embryos to strangers.A former cheerleader who dates a NASCAR driver, she's a resident of Hammonton, "blueberry capital of the world." She can often be seen wearing blue dresses -- perhaps a subconscious attempt to rep her town, she says. Lindsey, Chris' third child, grew up with a blended family of four.