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Tayotina mentioned that, while Eniolatj said same profession.For couples working with same organization I will not subscribe to that.

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Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Family / Husband and Wife in the same Profession?(8433 Views) Pastor Catches Wife In Hotel With Choirmaster / Angry Wife Exposes Chat Messages Between Her Husband And Other Women!!!Some of them will need to register and login before they can participate, and I'll like to implore them to take those steps. An anonymous visitor dropped this message for eniolatj:[I]"... It is more interesting and fun if both are in different have good points and I agree with you that husband and wife shouldn't be involved in the same profession."[/I]I agree with you eniolatj. If adverse economic or socio-political climate affects negatively one profession, the family can still survive through the order profession.3.Anyhow, I don't think I would like to be in the same workplace with my spouse even if we are in the same profession Workplace and profession are two different things and here, we are talking about profession. They would still have varied ideas to discuss about. My dear people of Nairaland, let us get to this topic proper.

In the same profession, they can, so far the job is not too demanding like banking job that both would have to close late. Are we talking of couples working in the organization?Remember also that some couples today met in same class, same profession, moreso there are families whereby the parents and children are all accountants, or engineers.nothing bad about it other than the fact that they will drive their kids crazy with their occupational jargon (You need to be there when my cousins and my dad get together and start speaking in medical terms, they might as well be speaking in greek or urdu)but if its a tasking profession that yakes them away from each other it might cause marital difficulties like doctors on call 24 hours or actors and actresses at different locations .if the wife outpaces the husband academically it might cause trouble in some homes.To cap it all, I know a couple friend who are both bank workers @ the same bank, but different branch.They are now jobless due to the present restructuring in the banking industry. In my own opinion, I think it is unwise for a husband and his wife to work with the same organisation.Falling in love, STAYING in love and getting married to someone goes beyond these mundane issues. As long as he's intresting, exciting, caring, loving, considerate and above all God fearing, it's all good, really.well, em........