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The main issue is not the situation but what the future holds for the industry, if the government is not looking at the best way to alleviate this problem.

We say that it is up to the airlines to fend for themselves, but the resultant effects could truncate the whole industry whereby crews’ workload would increase, and the risk of fatigue which could cause major aircraft accidents would resurface in the country.

The first question in our minds should stem from finding out some of the reasons responsible for the shortage of pilots in Nigeria, although the number of airlines has decreased over the years.

There is acute shortage of airline pilots world wide and most airlines around the world are poaching crews from every where to augment demand necessities.

I'm in touch with the Chief Instructor and i'll let you all all as things unfold.cheers77 out About NCATs PPL course, the quoted price on their website is an old one. Their price now is like 2.5M but you can pay in installments. That place really needs serious funding.hello people for those that applied to vk have any of you have an idea of when the test would be?

and for the pilots if am able to fund my ppl how easy do you think it would be for me to get a sponsor for my cpl?

As for IRS airlines mentioned above, the only solution was to import foreign pilots into the country for the job.

Other airlines like Bellview and Virgin, even Arik are currently engaging foreign crews to help out the situation.This line of thinking is definitely the most expensive as acquisition cost of the new type of aircraft may be too high to bear right away in addition to type -training expenses for the flying instructors and engineers.On the whole, the government needs to do more than what it is currently doing to support the training of our future pilots.Today, it is quite hopeless to give any time _frame_ for the utilisation of foreign pilots in Nigeria.Prior to this dilemma, foreign pilots were limited to six months of stay in Nigeria, especially for wet leased aircraft.Many airlines in the country are fond of enticing pilots with extra flying allowances _base_d on actual flight hours flown in a given period.