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Cast: Jason Segel as Peter Bretter Kristen Bell as Sarah Marshall Mila Kunis as Rachel Jansen Russell Brand as Aldous Snow Bill Hader as Brian Bretter Liz Cackowski as Liz Bretter Maria Thayer as Wyoma Jack Mc Brayer as Darald Davon Mc Donald as Dwayne the Bartender Steve Landesberg as Dr.

Even so, Kristen Bell is the weaker link in this dysfunctional duo, because other than looking hot in a pink bikini, there’s nothing about her character that makes you understand why Peter might be so stuck up on her especially when presented with the adorable Mila Kunis as another option.

Russell Brand is also very funny playing Aldous Snow, a stereotypical British rock star with altruistic ideals, kind of a cross between Johnny Depp and Bono, who’s everything that Peter is not.

“It was one of those table reads where a bunch of actors get together and you just hear the script out loud to see if it’s going to be made and if it is, by who. It was for Judd [Apatow], and I met with Judd and Shauna [Robertson] previously. And then we went on the water kayaks, the ocean kayaks where you kind of ride waves in kayaks. You flip, it’s rad, and there’s turtles everywhere. Like my mom, my dad, my boyfriend, my dogs, my best friends and just be like ‘click’.

I’ve always wanted to work with them so this came along and I was like, ‘Yeah, of course I’ll do the table read.’”Four months later, Kunis got the call saying Apatow and company wanted her to be a part of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Taking a similar approach as “Knocked Up” in taking a real-life situation and mixing in equal parts raunchy humor and true heart-felt sentiment, Segel’s first movie turns something we’ve all experienced, a bad break-up, and turned it into the catalyst for some very funny moments involving a sadsack trying to get over his hot girlfriend with the help of people he meets in an unfamiliar setting.

While the results might not be nearly as laugh-a-minute as previous Apatow productions, Segel and Stoller do a really good job creating an environment that keeps things moving, while Segel himself is never afraid to do whatever it takes to get laughs, often at his own expense.

And we’re in this ocean and to get to this water I had to take a jet ski.

I will fall, I will trip, that’s kind of what I do. “I don’t technically have to do anything physical in this movie, other than tread water.

What really keeps the laughs rolling are how Segel and Stoller have surrounded the main quartet with some of the funniest members from the Apatow-verse with Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill taking point as two of the island’s wacky inhabitants.

These characters end up being far more than mere cameos, both of them making repeat appearances to liven things up whenever the movie needs a quick injection of the funny.

While it doesn’t quite achieve the comedy perfection of “Superbad,” there’s enough potential in this first movie by Segel and Stoller that one can certainly look forward to future comedy collaborations from the duo.