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Famous Emerald Lovers The worldly, impossibly sophisticated woman who stole George Clooney's heart, Amal Clooney, sports a 7-plus carat sparkler set with baguettes on a platinum band—enough said.

And when Jay Z proposed to Beyonce, nothing would do for Queen Bey but a giant, 18-carat emerald-shaped ring by Lorraine Schwartz.

Princess diamonds are also one of the least expensive diamond shapes to create.

Created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919, round diamonds have 58 facets, which cause light to bounce from the bottom of the diamond back through the top, giving it unbelievable sparkle.

The shape is extremely versatile and timeless, looking clean and modern in simple settings, yet equally as nice in more elaborate styles.

Ever since, girly-girls, and the men who love them, have been swooping up the glittering shape for their engagements.

Flirty and fun, the princess often is donned as a solitaire engagement ring and is the second most popular shape, after the round.

While you must cut a diamond to make a shape, the shape is essentially the overall geometry or form of the diamond (round, square and so on), while the cut is the diamond's facets and proportions—the things that give diamonds their brilliance and fire.

Often referred to as brilliant or as RBC (round brilliant cut) because it is the most common brilliant-cut diamond, round diamonds are far and away the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings, accounting for more than 75 percent of all diamonds sold.

What it lacks in brilliance, it more than makes up for in undeniable quiet elegance and cool confidence.

Created in the art deco period, the emerald boasts long, glamorous lines, a rectangular shape with cut corners that resemble stair steps (it's often called a step cut), and its name was taken from the most popular shape for emeralds in the 1920s.

Nearly identical to the emerald cut, except that this stunning shape is square, the Asscher is striking and dramatic, evoking a very 1920s-1930s, art deco feel (it's sometimes called the square emerald cut).

It has a thick, almost chunky profile, clipped corners (sometimes deep enough to make the diamond appear to be an octagon) and stepped sides (features that distinguish it from the other square shape, the princess, which has a broader surface and sharp, angular corners).

And Elizabeth Taylor, queen of diamonds, also wore a very famous 33-carat Asscher diamond, though this one was from fifth (and sixth! In all things in life, she expects only the best—which is why she chose you after all.