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Because of its central location, the state was essentially turned into a bridge between North and South; it had major rivers and roads leading into the Deep South, and the Union tried to keep and maintain those major routes.

In 1982 it hosted the World’s Fair, and over 11 million people visited to check out the spectacles.The lush landscape around Knoxville shows off some of the best valleys in the South.It’s wonderful to know that if you were ever in any trouble, help wouldn’t be too far away.Besides, happy people mean less stress, which leads to life being better in general.The people are so warm-hearted and ready to talk that when you go out to get groceries, you have to plan for extra time in case a complete stranger stops you for a chat.

It’s perfectly normal to wave to people you’ve never seen before in your life.

There are many singles in Tennessee looking for someone to meet too.

Online dating increases your range of potential partners.

Some might even say that living here is more like living in a giant town, rather than a city.

If you can’t think of anything bad about your city, welcome to the club!

Today is the day that you remember just why you live in Tennessee–it’s the best place to be.