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Meeting in person If you decide to meet someone in person, I recommend: Summary Online dating should be fun.

Unfortunately, every piece of information you post online can be seen and exploited and kept forever by other people, so pay attention and think ahead in order to protect your privacy.

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Also, on many sites your profile will be visible only to other members of the site, but some make it visible to the internet, including search engines like Google.

Other things you might do on a dating site Many dating sites have public discussion groups, surveys, etc.

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Apart from the staff people who run the site, these messages are only visible to you and the other member.

Moving the conversation off-site If you do decide to move a conversation off-site, there are still a number of ways you can protect your privacy, all of which require a little preparation and practice in advance: I also suggest practicing with a friend, both to get comfortable with the technology, and to help you confirm that you're not revealing any personal information.

My general advice is to have fun but also be careful.

Think about the consequences of each choice you make and how, in the worst case, a malicious or dishonest or immature person might take advantage of you.

There are millions out there looking to meet new people for all kinds of reasons.

Unfortunately, many things you may choose to do online can also put your privacy (and your safety) at risk.

To handle the load they need a special e-mailing software, like The Bat! They usually rent an apartment and equip it with computers, something like telemarketers office.