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Because not being special means this big and wonderful secret: nobody really cares that much about what anyone else is up to because each of us is busy worrying about our own messy, hopelessly hopeful hearts—and how to keep them intact.

I’m a very private man in my 50s and a successful entrepreneur.

I’ve been divorced for a few years (no rancor, no kids, just grew apart).

OKCupid probably didn’t know the address to your Batcave—I’ll cut to the chase.

My simple answer to your question is this, Discreet: If you want women to take you seriously online, you have to stop thinking the rules of online dating are for other people.

Online dating is a beastly, ghastly thing for introverts—and even for some sensible extroverts—but in this digital age, with community barn-raisings, church potlucks, and arranged marriages in such short supply, those of us seeking love must think outside the box while still playing by some (fair) online safety rules. Methinks that your extreme reluctance to take a slight risk of someone you know stumbling upon your online pic speaks to a possible larger, stickier, issue. So far, all I know about you is that you’re employed and you’ve done okay for yourself.

Which makes you equal to a decent percentage of the population.Forget about what YOU want in a woman, and start thinking about what you have to give. I’m telling you now: Business and relationships don’t work by the same rules.But you didn’t get to be an outstanding entrepreneur by just breaking a lot of rules. to get an idea of the hostility and shaming and danger that women face online.The on-the-ground approach, although also challenging, may actually serve you better.Maybe it’s time to suit up and hit the conference circuit in whatever field your business is in.So I’ve been reaching out to attractive women on various dating sites to let them know (respectfully) that I’d rather email them directly than go through the rigmarole of answering ridiculous sex questions and naming my bucket list.