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I read Beating the Tinder Game by Blake Jamieson, and the post it inspired by Cammi Phan: How I Hacked Tinder.

I knew that if I wanted to be successful, I would have to get serious about honing my technique. Tapping into my entrepreneurial experience, I spent hours studying the ways in which other people were already winning in the online dating world.I summarized a list of best practices, and developed a few genius tricks of my own.Now, some of them are immediately out of the pool based on their age or geographical location, unless, of course you're looking for a long distance relationship with a 12-year old in Zimbabwe or a 89-year old in Taiwan. To make my point as clear as possible: This guide isn't about finding someone or even just anyone; it's about finding what you're looking for.Online dating opens up new channels to meet people, and allows you to search for what you want based on the meta data in users' profiles.Just when I thought I would be closed off forever, that my heart would be eternally "out of service," OK Cupid shot me with one of his gilded arrows. This is something I have gone back and studied and is now part of my online dating methodology. S Weekly headline), but believe me when I say it was not a miracle at all.

It was a data-driven, mathematical strategy that worked perfectly, and there's no doubt in my mind that if I could manage to do this, you can too.

All I wanted was to fall back into being aggressively single. Shirtless selfies, terrible opening lines, bad profile pics, and confusing profile summaries and headlines. As an online marketer, it occurred to me that these online dating sites were a lot like online marketing. I went on so many dates that I racked up some substantial credit card debt.

I immediately noticed that meeting people was far more difficult than in the past. I began testing different headlines, bios, and profile photos. As an aside, most of these were first dates, and I didn't see many girls for more than a month as I was trying to keep my distance emotionally.

I watched Amy Webb's Ted Talk and applied her spreadsheet methodology to fuel my own quest for knowledge.

I began testing these best practices by applying them across every online dating platform to see what worked where, what tips didn't pan out in my real world analysis, and what needed tweaking.

After I moved out I began dating immediately, but this time in an entirely new environment than what I remembered from 2005 and before. Now I was over 30, which gave me a much larger pool of women to choose from.