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Still, my favorite bumper sticker seen in Ithaca: “Ithaca, NY, 10 square miles surrounded by reality”. @suhrmesa (twitter) Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats……. Hope your weather is as beautiful there as it is here. When in Ithaca, walk the parking lot at Wegman’s and enjoy those that are “screaming to be heard” via bumper stickers.Local bookstore or the same purpose as pretty confident that she can love with this things are going.

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According to General Social Survey in 2004, liberal young Americans are significantly less likely than the young conservatives to express a willingness to sacrifice for their loved ones. Be careful with whom you share the information in the above linked article.

For example, progressives under 30 are significantly less likely than young right-wingers to say they would prefer to suffer rather than let the one they love suffer, that they are not happy unless the loved one is happy, or that they would sacrifice their own wishes for the one they love. Hell hath no fury like a liberal told that conservatives are more generous and kind than liberals.

And the hand written thank you note, made it feel like I was actually appreciated, not just money in the pocket! Since our daughter became fourteen and had her first boyfriend (and broken heart) this past year, I have seen a whole other side of my husband and this shirt really says it like he feels it. I am very pleased with it and can't wait to see his reaction on Christmas.

I ordered this shirt for my husband as a gift for him at our baby shower. But that is my fault for not making sure I had the right size selected. The hand written thank you note is a very nice touch and I would definitely buy from them again because of it. After the first wash it was super soft and fit perfect. It is a must have for any Daddy with a BEAUTIFUL daughter.

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DADD - Dads Against Daughters Dating - T-shirt Design This garment is printed using a DTG (direct to garment) printer which uses textile inks and prints directly on the fabric retaining the soft feel.

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