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quality=80&strip=all&w=300" data-large-file=" quality=80&strip=all&w=1024" class="img-align-none size-full wp-image-5613602" src=" quality=80&strip=all&strip=all" alt="Boost your chances of finding online love by avoiding this no-nos (Picture: Alamy)" width="1024" height="680" / There is no doubt about it – online dating is a key component of modern romance.

From bad grammar to dating clichés – here are 14 epic online dating profile fails you should avoid. Relying on your picture to do all the work for you Because if you can’t commit half an hour of your life to pull together a witty profile what does that say about your commitment to finding a relationship? Spelling and grammar ‘Your’ is the second person possessive adjective and is always followed by a noun. Smiley faces Because you’re a 43-year-old adult : – ))) 4. Being needy ‘I’m looking for someone to love and to share my life with. And Or saying ‘ you don’t normally do this sort of thing’ not only makes you look like a person who needs to grow a pair and embrace the position they are in, but is indirectly insulting the other people who are online dating, i.e.

‘You’re’ is the contraction of ‘you are’ and is often followed by the present participle. Fibs Sure, it’s annoying that most girls like tall guys, but, a 7 inch height exaggeration? And, ladies, let’s take it easy on the Facetune, okay? Clichés ‘Snuggling in front of the fire’, ‘sunset strolls along the beach’ or the dreaded ‘glass of red wine and a movie’. I like to go out and enjoy myself but I don’t have anyone to do it with!! Exclamation marks There is such a thing as too many.

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Even if you love someone's profile, and you are having a nice first date, there's always the sneaking suspicion there's something big they left out of the profile, like the fact that they're Canadian or a murderer or a Canadian murderer.

People who post pictures on dating websites with multiple people in it are just asking for no one to talk to them.

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With 15 million singles in the UK registered for online dating and with a huge variety of sites to choose from, it’s no surprise that it’s virtual heaven for romantic singles everywhere. Writing an essay You went to boarding school in Sussex, have two half brothers who live in Singapore and once did a pastry course but quit halfway through because you realised you were gluten intolerant.

However, whilst it’s a great way to connect with new people, it also leaves plenty of room for error when creating the perfect online dating profile. This is categorically not information we need to know in an introduction dating profile.

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