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He’s always offering me back rubs and saying, “Don’t lift anything! We’ve grown way closer, and he’s been so nurturing. The only catch: You can’t lie flat on the sand, so bring a chair or use the sand to build a backrest you can lean against while you relax.”LOTION UP “When you’re pregnant, your skin is so sensitive that you’ve really got to use sunscreen.”TAKE EVEN JUST A FEW DAYS “A vacation doesn’t have to be for a week to make it count.

I just felt tired and bloated and I started breaking out, which I never do. Just ask me for help.” That part’s been hard, because we just moved into a new house [in Orange County], and I’m surrounded by boxes. Pictures can tell a story, and judging from the pictures taken of Audrina Patridge after the Halloween party, it must be one hell of a story.Audrina was photographed sitting on a street bench crying and holding her head, when she wasn’t waving her arms like a mad woman at Bohan and pointing her finger in his face.We’re going to go out on a limb here and say alcohol was definitely a factor in Audrina and Corey’s head-turning fight.

The Hills’ star arrived all smiles and looking put together, and the night ended with her appearing disheveled and sitting in the street leaning against a lamp post crying."You can't start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one," she tweeted Sunday."#future #dreams #followyourheart" ON A MOBILE DEVICE? Former ‘The Hills’ star Audrina Patridge and her on again, off again boyfriend Corey Bohan get into a huge fight after attending Matthew Morrison’s Halloween Party at Hyde Nightclub in West Hollywood, California on October 25, 2014.Audrina and Corey, who recently split up this past summer, seemed to be in great spirits before the party started but afterwards it was a whole different story! Last night, Corey and I were watching my stomach move while I was lying down.