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Sometimes, the disliked boyfriend or girlfriend will actually get dumped for one of the parents picks, and they act as if they don't give a damn at all!

I would be furious if I were dumped on a stupid TV show.

It's a wonder how MTV's Parental Control has lasted four years already.

Fake arguments, fake facial expressions, and poor acting display how Parental Control is a horrible show, and the whole purpose of the television show is defeated due to that fact.I would envy MTV if they actually used real couples on families on this television show, but they do not.It boggles the mind how anyone could enjoy or watch this show.No doubt MTV's audience is teenagers who are stuck at home with basic cable. In fact, I am a big fan of shows like Big Brother and a few others.But this is not a reality show because it is portrayed by actors.

MTV was once a respectable channel with a big goal in mind; to bring the world of music to more audiences featuring music videos 24/7.Why is every place empty and why do these kids have access to all these places?The premise is ridiculous, the acting is horrible and this is not a reality show in the least. TV14 This, my friends, is why I almost always hate reality TV.The parents generally act very stupid, and their child's boyfriend or girlfriend is always horrible to the parents and their kid.The dates they go on make no sense, and overall this show is about as much of a reality show as King of Queens. The parents are always cracking bad jokes and act like babies, and their kid's boy/girlfriend are about as mean and rude as anyone could get. They're obviously set up, considering how unique they are, including going to an empty burger place and cooking food, to going to an empty dance studio for a private dance lesson to going to an empty school and oil sliding.The father's choice was a girl who claimed she "has goals" and "respects herself"... And the mother seemed okay with her husband's choice of a pole-dancer, which I find very hard to believe.