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The 2015 Lake Norman Excursion, previously planned for June 6, 2015 in Mooresville, NC will not be held this year.The reasons are complex and the organizers are sorry that the event will not be held.When I made a concerted effort to get back on my bike, it was to get back into shape.

Thank you for supporting this ride so very well for the last eight years, and please check back next year as the organizers will use best efforts to reinstate the ride to create a 2016 event.

Written by Andrew Nowlan at the Daily There is a multitude of reasons that attract us to the bicycle and these are as varied as we, the riders are.

But I was learning that I really enjoyed these long rides.

Early this summer, I decided that I should ride a “century,” what cyclists call a ride of at least 100 miles.

The event is impeccably organized and extremely well run.

We arrived in Door County on Saturday, the day before the event.Anything a rider might need for the ride was available.I browsed around and picked up a cycling cap that had been marked 50% off. The group I was riding with set plans to meet at am at the high school the next morning with a departure time set for am.But as I spent more time on the bike, something changed: my desire to spend even more time on the bike!This year, I spent on average, 11-12 hours a week on my bike.Many bicycling clubs will host an “organized century” where for a fee of 25 to 50 dollars, the ride will be “supported.” Support on an organized century includes vehicles providing mechanical or other assistance and rest stops placed regularly along the route with food, drink, toilet facilities and basic first aid supplies.