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Whether you simply need a stylish music server to provide music to wireless speakers, or want an audiophile-grade music server to sit at the heart of your Hi-Fi set-up, the Zen can do both perfectly.Just plug our pre-configured USB external drive into the Zen and you can backup all your music with a single click.i Peng 9 provides a reote app that is easy to use and looks great.

Rather than providing hefty manuals, we provide video tutorials to show step by step how to perform certain operations with the Zen.

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Kudos to this company to make a quality product and provide a great service.

This quick start guide will show you the basic setup for your Zen Music Server and how to connect to streaming music players using the UPn P/DLNA protocol such as the Naim Uniti, Linn DS and many others.

With no cooling fans and an ultra-quiet enterprise grade hard drive, the Zen is silent.

You can enjoy your music at very low volume levels without interruption, distortion or distraction.

So there’s no need to hide it away in a cupboard either.

The Zen comes with our “love it or return it” guarantee – if not completely satisfied, you can return the Zen for a full refund (terms and conditions apply).

My hifi system is very valve based and the clean sound of the LIV ZEN compliments it perfectly.

Using the Squeezecommander Android app is a breeze at controlling the LIV and to have your whole CD collection at your fingertips is life changing from a music perspective!

The Zen is so quiet (having absolutely no fans) that you can place it confidently in your living room where it will quietly stream your music away. Want to stream high-resolution audio via UPn P to your Naim or Linn Music Streamer? Want to use the Zen as a high-end music player connecting to an USB DAC and your Hi-Fi? Once finished, the Zen automatically ejects the CD and it’s ready for the next one.