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* Had a gambling problem and stole from his grandmother Katherine Chancellor. * Fell in love and married Mac not knowing that they were cousins.Billy and Mac went on to take part in the Glow By Jabot Kids Summer Production, and found their relationship tested after J. When her stepfather came back to town and tried to rape Mac again, Billy hit the man over the head and saved Mac.

* Recovered from his gambling problems and started traveling. * Told Amber his name was "Liam" and showed up to surprise her at Daniel's art show in New York City. * Agreed to work at Jabot and be Jack's inside man. * Was hired and fired as CEO of Jabot by his mother, Jill. * Married Chloe Mitchell, the mother of his daughter.* Met up with half-niece Colleen Carlton at the art show. * Realized he is the father of the baby his brother's wife, Chloe, is carrying. * Discovered that first love, Mackenzie, and he were never related, as once thought! * Thought he married Victoria Newman in Jamaica, but it wasn't legal. * Bought/adopted a child for Victoria after they lost theirs. * Sought vengeance on Adam Newman, the driver who hit his daughter. He slept with Kelly Andrews and it led to their divorce. * Saved from a burning building by Adam when he was posing as Gabriel Bingham. * Was beaten for a gambling debt, then accidentally run over by Noah Newman. * Teamed up with Phyllis to take down Victor and develop the Pass Key project.He met up with Amber Moore while in California and followed her to New York.At Daniel Romalotti's art show, he caught up with half-niece, Colleen Carlton, who convinced him to come back to Genoa City.His grandmother Katherine later uncovered that Billy had a gambling habit and owed a huge debt in Miami.

It wasn't until Kay found out that Billy had pawned one of her antiques that she realized how bad his problem was.He realized that his brother's wife, Chloe, is carrying his child - they knew each other from New York.Billy was living with Amber, but after she moved out, he stayed in Phyllis's penthouse.Just as he finished marrying Chloe at the Chancellor Mansion, his former love, Mackenzie Browning walked through the door - and the news had just come out that they were never related by blood!Chloe and Billy wound up divorcing in short order, and Billy explored his old feelings for Mac, but wasn't working out, and came to a head when she agreed to be a surrogate for Cane and Lily.He almost lost his life after passing out drunk in the snow, but was found by his best friend Raul and rushed to the hospital where Billy was diagnosed with alcohol poisoning.