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You may be able to manage this responsibility on your own, or working with a professional may appeal to you.

This review of the best consolidation companies is not intended to be used as financial advice, and you should do thorough research before making any financial decisions.

Debt may have mounted for a number of reasons: perhaps mismanagement or the result of an unforeseeable medical or family emergency.Whatever the reason, getting out of debt will likely require strict planning and discipline.This is because credit companies are unlikely to negotiate debts down if they think you have the ability to pay them in full.Further, not all debts are eligible for settlement or consolidation. Secured debt means that some tangible item is attached, such as a home or car loan.If you are drowning in overwhelming debt, debt consolidation companies may potentially offer some useful options or help you set up a plan to better approach your obligations.

The companies may contact your creditors and attempt to negotiate a better rate for repayment.You’ll need to do your own research or consult a financial advisor to determine which option is best-suited for your needs.A debt management company generally offers a selection of services that consumers may choose from, depending on individual needs and goals.Of course, such options are not quick-fix, easy solutions.Your credit score may take a negative hit for utilizing debt management services, and you’ll remain responsible for most of the original debt accrued.Programs are commonly long term and typically run from two to four years, although every situation varies.