Beck dating trina

that's fun, it's really nice playing a character who has a respect for his girlfriend, but also understands that she can get a little crazy sometimes.

laughs about jade's joke of tori´s stupid monster purse.

he enjoys it and throws rex on the ground which means that he doesn't care about rex anymore also stating that "i don't need a stupid puppet, i got me a woman!

they said that they didn't know, and liz asked why he would want them to break up.

is the pairing of beck oliver and jade west (b/eck and j/ade).

this interview, liz gillies says "there are lot of cute moments between beck and jade…he shows his dominance over her and his authority and it's kind of cute.", and she also says that she managed the premiere movie theater in san diego.

and liz played with each other's hair and avan touched liz's back, while victoria justice made her speech for victorious's win at the kca's 2013 as favorite tv show.

he is in the episode beggin' on your knees where tori found out from her friends that he uses girls to get good grades and then soon after breaks up with them.

this shows that he sees a different side of jade and doesn't consider her creepy or scary like most people.

tries to tell beck that she's not doing anything wrong, but he firmly tells her that she is being too hard on little kids.

twitter a fan tweeted dan:@danwarp can we have a beck and jade spin-off?

eyes follow jade as she walks up stairs after saying hi to him.