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The CD really boosted things, and since then Tim has reaped experience and inspiration from his intense touring all over Europe.


Realizing that singing is her vocation she worked on stage with locals and musicians of international reputation as well, she played low paid and well played gigs.She met producers and managers, booking agents, co-producers, publishers and label bosses. So happened that a rough blues singer Meena with her guitar player Chris Fillmore flew to Jim Gaines in Memphis for recording their first official CD. On stage comparisons with Janis Joplin are inevitable both vocally and in appearance, but the sound on the album is luckily more restraint.Victor Puertas is a powerful harmonica player, who also plays the piano, Hammond organ and guitar.Nevertheless, harmonicas are his love at the first feel, and he plays them with deep emotion and sensibility.The band recorded in 2003 its first album “Cool it! Everybody was asking for more and so, the second album “Strike” was released in 2006.

In 2009 the band recorded a live album in the well known Ancienne Belgique Club in Brussels.After graduation Mee na wanted to improve the world and she went to Mozambique and worked there at a women´s refuge.Then she traveled through Europe and northern USA where she fell in love with Chicago, the city´s atmosphere, it´s people and music.Beautiful slow songs alternate with fast-tempo shuffles.Renato Cazzaniga is the front man with a great, soulful voice.There is no amateur blues band in Switzerland like Bluecerne if you believe in critics, and why don’t you?