Avan and zoey dating

Your partner is probably feeling the same way you are. Life is too short to stay in an unhappy relationship. Avan Jogia recently met up with Victoria Justice to snap this super cute picture below: ...

The couple commemorated their 4-year anniversary yesterday by exchanging sweet messages on social media, and even revealing they still swap adorable love notes after all this time. I am a very lucky man," Avan wrote on Instagram, sharing the precious photo you see above. #Smooshy Shmanniversary Post," Zoey captioned a photo of the note on Instagram.

Zoey answered by sharing a pic of a photo collage and love message he gave her. We're so glad that this sweet pair is still going strong – they're just perfect for one another!

But until that fateful day happens, we have absolutely no problem watching reruns on Nickelodeon and dreaming about Beck and Jade's absolutely adorable and iconic relationship...

Zoey Deutch and her longtime boyfriend, Avan Jogia, have split, Just can confirm.

Always unhappy: Nobody wants to be in a miserable relationship.

If you’ve given it a real shot and things aren’t working out, and haven’t in a long time- then it might just be time to end it.

The sooner you part ways, the sooner you can find the person who is right for you, and the same goes for the person you’re breaking up with.

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Thinking of someone else: Don’t succumb to infidelity; if you’re thinking of dating someone else or other people, just end the relationship.

There’s no use in prolonging something that is no longer working out.

Avan looked so handsome in a dapper long coat while Zoey stayed cute and warm in her own glam winter wear. Let us know what you think of their cute new pic in the comments section below.