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But honestly I would have a better time being lonely in the comfort of my own home than at some dance. Mitch: that's a brilliant idea Kirstie: I don't appreciate your sarcasm!

I am friends with many people who are bi-sexual and they are really good friends. " So you know what, he either straight or bi, and sexuality isn't black and white! Take a psych class and learn that sexuality is much more complicated than gay and straight. "During The Sing-Off, Pentatonix visited the administrative offices of The Trevor Project, an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and the leading national organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.[30] The group shared their experiences of overcoming bullying and recorded a PSA.[31] A 60-second spot about The Trevor Project aired during the live finale, but it was met with considerable controversy as the producers edited out LGBTQ references and failed to acknowledge the orientation of Grassi, one of the group's gay members (the other being Hoying).[32][33]" "As if their talent wasn’t enough, they’re also big supporters of the LGBT community.

next time someone has a comment like guest #3, keep it to yourself. Hes had girlfriends before but some other things kinda show that he could also be gay. Just saying I know the article is about Mitch, but it talks of Mitch being one of two gay members of Pentatonix. Two members of the group are openly gay, Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying." - He's bi, he dates boys and girls regularly.

There's even a funny story about them how they were at Scott's house and in the shower together and his mom walked in on them. It makes me sad to see people constantly discussing his sexuality on his pictures and videos.

Get out of his life, and if he ever feels the need to tell you guys about it, he will. And don't start "confirming" things to others based on ONE article which was not even a quote.

This isn't their first balut experience – at the press conference, Scott told reporters that he and Mitch had already tried it in their 2015 visit.

Balut, a fertilized duck egg, is a popular delicacy in the Philippines and in many parts of Southeast Asia. " is also one of the most popular questions visiting artists are often asked.

Leave the poor guy alone and let him live his life happily no matter what his sexual orientation===That does not deter from his amazing talent as well as the other members of this incredible grour===PTX rules Okay, that doesn't make any sense. philly news - Pentatonix is a hot ticket Odd, I read the article and it says: “It was quite an experience,” said Mitch Grassi, the group’s openly gay member, describing the group’s appearance on the show. He is, me and my current boyfriend know him personally. In reading about pentatonix, I just happened to Click on this post. Scott and I went to prom together and picked me up ridding a pink unicorn carrying a huge rainbow flag. It doesn't matter if Scott is gay straight or bi we should all accept him for who he is.

Kirstie has a boyfriend, Avi just broke up with his girlfriend, and Kevin is more than likely very straight because of how religios he is, so I just proved 75% of your theory wrong :/ “It was quite an experience,” said Mitch Grassi, one of the group’s openly gay members (along with out member Scott Hoying), describing the group’s appearance on the show. Him and my boyfriend casually hooked up in highschool together when he attended Martin high school and my boyfriend Grace Prep. I have a friend who is bi and we all treat her the same as all of our other friends so just leave Scott alone. I have never heard/seen Scott talk about his sexuality, so he OBVIOUSLY thinks it's none of your business.

Stop narrowing it down to his sexuality only, and listen to his voice and his talent instead.

Everybody's so much more than their sexual preferences!

and no I'm not lesbian just because I support and stand up for gay people, but I do it because they don't deserve crap from people who think they are better than everyone else! always, people, think about handsome famous people wrong. Still, Scott is super cute : D He really looks awesome. In One of superfruit's video, mitch thanks his husband !