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We learn a lot of moral and ethical lessons from the bible.Can the bible also teach us some Jewish dating advice?

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Don’t forget, before the days of online dating, you pretty much were confined to dating people within your immediate geographic area.Sure, Isaac could disobey his dad and party it up with the local pagan beauties in the temples of Baal and Dagan, but he has the deep understanding and clarity to realize that these hotties will end up making miserable wives and drive him away from his chosen destiny.Recreational drugs work for others; that’ll help you shake free of inhibitions.Sure you’ve been together for a long time — that doesn’t mean you don’t have inhibitions. Bring her flowers on the first date, open the door for her, including the car door.Unless they’re Hasidim, in which case, they’ll consider their son dead and your troubles will be over.

My boyfriend really wants to have sex in a public place, but I’m nervous.What are the best places to have sex, and what do we do if we get caught?Airplane toilets are ridiculous, but you get to join the Mile High Club. As for getting caught, you do what every teenager and politician regularly does: brush yourself off and deny, deny, deny.What’s the biggest difference between Jews and Gentiles in the dating world? I know that Jewish parents often prefer their children not date "shiksas," non-Jewish girls. This can be very unsettling to people from cultures where one is not supposed to contradict. My boyfriend is Jewish, I’m not, and I’m about to meet his parents for the first time.He’s smart, studious, has great parents, and a family business to eventually run. He’s more of a stay at home with a good book kind of guy, which is great when you’re married but not so helpful when you’re looking for your soulmate.