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I tried highschool but it didn't work out; I dropped out, got my GED and instantly got a job working for the government; on the side, I am also a Real Life Superhero; I wear shiny blue tights with a little yellow cape and a yellow star emblazoned on my chest; you can look us up (lol, I'm hardly the only superhero out there): The RLSH Proejct.I have a lot of mental issues, Age Dysphoria/Age Identity Disorder is one of them, as is my strong streak of Hero Complex; just as much as I can't help wanting to feel like a toddler again, I also can't help myself but get involved when people need help; when I see evil, I HAVE to stop it; I help those in need and I protect the innocent.I'm an adult baby (AND a cross-dresser) so I figured I'd add my 2 cents.Just like any other fetish, job, hobby, etc, there's a spectrum of people ranging from those who take it to an extreme and those who enjoy it once in a blue moon and in a minimal way.He also has a back view of the diaper and a shot with a pacifier in his mouth.

I've clicked the reject button like 5 different times but Tinder keeps showing him to me, and that **** is disgusting!!It's taboo for sure but not as uncommon as you may think.I think he was brave to announce his kink upfront instead of 2 years into a relationship. A lot of people in this thread should be down right ashamed of themselves.Your friend has to have a chat with him, see what he's into--and to what extent--and decide whether she can handle his lifestyle.Infantilism has NOTHING to do with pedophilia (a lot of people don't seem to understand this) and it hurts nobody.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Sexual deviancy is usually a sign of a troubled past. It makes me wonder why the OP would even consider dating a man like that. Yuk I thought this thread was going to be about men in their mid thirties who still live with mom and dad, never look for work because they're afraid of responsibility that comes with being an adult and can't make out priorities. Do they have to change their own diapers, make their own baby food, etc. And, NO--never in a million years would I date someone like this.