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Columbia: Mark Belnick, former General Counsel of Tyco. Columbia: International finance/engineering types, children of socialites, suburban overachivers who declined their NYU scholarships. Have you ever been around a bunch of Jersey teenagers with gold chains while they are drunk? But because a shitty magazine that no one reads says so, let's go with Columbia. Some swear by one, some by the other, most can taste no difference.

As my rifle drill teammates would say, I was “squared away” for the next two years.There were, however, three reasons I decided to accept the internship offer.There, I had a better insight into the inner workings of an NGO and the planning of a conference.In addition, I also had an opportunity to collaborate with the CEO of Taiwan Thinktank, J. Kuo, on his conference paper for “After the Third Wave Conference.” Lastly, I had the pleasure of meeting some Taiwanese political figures that I’ve only been able to read about in the newspaper, such as President Chen Shui-bien, Government Information Office Minister Stanley Hsieh, and Premier Chang Chun-hsiung.The decision time is upon many of you pre-Ls and for an inordinate amount of people that choice boils down to NYU Law School versus Columbia Law School. Columbia: When trying to get a cab having options between the licensed and the patently illegal unlicensed Town Cars swirling around.

Let's have a break down of the schools to see which one has the edge in the battle for NYC legal education supremacy.

Although I am strongly supportive of the TTT missions, I am also a harsh critic to TTT’s execution and design of the internship program.

Due to a limited amount of space I’m given for this essay, I cannot fully explain everything in great detail.

Third, it was a paid internship, which was hard for me to refuse.

That is how I became one of the 300 participants to the 2007 Taiwan Tech Trek.

While considered a pan-green organization due to its close ties with DPP, it acts as a platform for dialogue among various government agencies and between government departments, academia, and the business community.