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The more I watch healer in different roles like joeg hoo park boong soo and healer himself he is just so pretty handsome and hot everytime I watched him I feel like meeting him and I also feel to have such a guy in my life after watching this I just love ed healer so much that I downloaded all the episodes and keep on watching it every day i am simply not able to get over it. Really cant stop watching Healer since I have started to watch it. Though, there were several details they could've paid attention to to make it more realistic. This drama has a perfect mix of everything at the right time and place. But thinking of picking it up and giving it a second chance again. I don't understand how the ratings are so low in this drama... then a serious problem causing break up and then an amnesia, then a rushed up reunion because the drama is about to end... Handsome lead with pretty good acting skills to boot, the female lead was more so so perhaps the writing...perhaps its the demand of the how her character has to be portrayed the standard run of the mill optimist bright girl that goes hopping the bed of every korean drama ughhh. Every episode a little of clue is left to unfold an intriguing past and keeps you looking forward for the next episode. This should have been an 8/10 drama but with it rushed i would only rate it 6.5. I can't believe I only just recently watched this drama. Um, please remember that actors are real people, I personally enjoy the acting of both and find Lee Jong Suk to be a bit better than Ji Chang Wook MAYBE if you didn't insult other people's dramas in this way people who disliked healer wouldn't want to rant against it.

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They resolved all the conflicts in a nice and peaceful way, thou they are surrounded by violence.. It has characters with heart warming relationships and it will leave you warm feelings. its like i become addicted to it, you will feel to cry, laugh,smile, love and love again :) Kudos !! Im 40 yrs old, yet i feel young while watching Healer,can't get it enough :) thanks !! They should have at least 5 or more episodes or a season 2. Healer should become a detective rather than a reporter or both. What happened to the elder and the people in his team? Hope they'll make a Healer 2 with the same main character. This drama has created a lot of 'first time's for many of us secret lurkers, who are forever reading comments but never sign on.account or post comments, and some who laugh at their who watch raw once. While new shows may raised and got better rating than HEALER and other couples are ship more internationally , one thing show, they rises and they will resolved by newer ones. This drama has been shown 1 year ago, yet, I couldn't get over it. Her mother took ji an out from their house, so where is those wardrobe thing is from? nakaka in-love na Love Songs at nakaka emote na background music... Napakandang kwento, hindi makukumpara sa ibang Korean Drama.... Also, I felt that some questions regarding what happened in the past wasn't fully explained. When I re-watch a drama, I usually skip through most parts and just watch the scenes that I really like but not this time. I think it is because in Korea this drama was not a huge success, I don't understand why. Anyway, This is so good and I always support it :-D One of kdrama that I don't have to fast forward while watching online because of dull moments. I think alot of people missed the part where Moon Ho said he was going to tell his Noona about Ji Ahn (2nd to last or last episode). Instead City Hunter is more love and less action...This may not be perfect (because there's no such in this would anyway), BUT it will give a perfect way watching it and a heartwarming story, that would inspire you in all aspects.... there are so many amazing kdrama but this particular drama is the kind that you miss and makes you want to watch it all over again! JCW and Park Min Young I never thought they'd make a great couple onscreen but they both nailed it! But Healerite does stay, we are not majority but we last long and time can show our Changmin that we believed they are Real and we support them. In fact, it is the 1st drama series that I bought the DVD and tho' am so far away, I really made sure that I will have it. as if while watching you can feel you are part of the story or in the story itself. I doubt there is a wardrobe lying out of nowhere on the stress. I soon found myself re-watching Healer from beginning till end without skipping through anything : D ... I absolutely loved this drama and i guess its mainly because of ji chang wook althought everyone did a fine job bt he was exceptionally cute so if you like the main lead you'll definitely love the drama. I was contemplating to say something about the ratings.... In this drama there is everything for everyone to like it, the OST are so beautiful also the instrumental especially the 1st VA, the actors are just perfect. Can't believe that Ji Chang Wook is younger than Park Min Young. It was loaded with excitement and I really obsessed ji chang wook here. She knows about her daughter when Moon Ho wheels her to the cafe, it was in her eyes. I'm 100% totally agree with this comment thats why I copied and pasted. "still my forever favorite drama no matter what~ don't worry about the ratings trust me, this drama is sooo good. I'm tired to see dramas in which all struggling to be together and they can't...The scenes were so perfect that I didn't wanted to go forward and wanted to watch same scenes again and again. This drama was absloutely THE BEST drama i've seen till now, Everything related to this drama is SOOO DAEBAAAKKKK, Of course the two main charecters were amazing and their acting was awesome, Ji chang wook and park min young you both did such a great work in this drama, I think this drama will be stuck in my head for a loooong loong time ❤️❤️❤️ Watching DOTS felt like there won't be any drama as best as it, BUT! The plot, history, characters, their roles, the connections, the bonds every single thing was amazing i really cant move on with this drama,, i have already watched too much kdramas but this one sticks to my brain and it ruins my mood the the day.much for changmin! Almost all of the episodes were exciting, filled with comedy, action, romance, suspense, etc. No dull moments, you will find yourself gripping on each of its episodes. I will have to agree with some of the comments here that what it lacks is its marketing, been better I guess if its been pre-produced like the Descendants of the Sun. Worst Drama ..''The Heirs'', ''You Who Came From the Stars'' was another Horror drama just for the record i think the heirs was boring and you who came from he stars was definately overrated, but i enoyed pinocchio Sha SO MUCH better than punch, too lidia I can't say that Pinocchio is Better Because It's NOT...I have never seen such a beautiful drama which gives the feeling truly "it's a beautiful feeling" The songs and music omg I have never seen such a great music for any drama or movie . Even in the last few minutes of the last episode there were action and things going on. I love the cast and feel like no character is a waste. I hate the "cold guy" "dumb girl" and then a triangle, then a serious love... Plot wise between Descendants and Healer, i'to go with Healer. I can even compare Ji Chang Wook with Lee Jong Suk, because Ji Chang Wook is way better actor than Lee Jong Suk.I'll never forget Healer :)) A drama that will never forget ... Healer is the fruition of all my wildest wishes coming true. Healer should have been my cup of tea, im very disappointed that it wasn't.

such an amazing wonderful story , One of the best that i had seen and still in my heart ... Really wish that lead couple ( ji chang wook / park min young ) work again in new drama soon !!!! It has exceeded all my expectations beyond ways I never thought was possible. As for the characters, you've got to be kidding if you're saying that they're dumb. i won't claim healer is the worst drama ever, or even very bad, I can even undestand people enjoying it, as i said it was well acted and if you like romance and skinship that was there galore, but best drama is what i don't understand @Ella.

Hi guys I will tell you the whole story of how I felt in love with this drama. Thanks to Healer, my kdrama tastes have been refined to a sophistication of the nth degree! They're almost literally atypical with most drama leads. If you think Healer is boring, then it must be because you're a boring person yourself and too lazy to see how (almost) perfectly detailed the seams are in the story. What happened to Moon Sik after healer went to visit him when he was drunk and delusional? again you ar e no respecting her opinion, people have wildly different tastes, many people love boys over flowers, goong, my name is kim sam soon and full house, I found all four dramas very boring, it doesn't mean that the people who loved it are wrong, it just means they're not my taste.

First I korean thing I started watching was the romantic Korean movies I watched few romantic movies by searching best romantic Korean movies I watched many movies like-minded my sassy girl , always, windstruck, etc some of which I found interesting though . I don't understand the hate that's suddenly flooding Healer's comment section. To those who are saying that this is dumb and boring, screw you. I'd understand if you'd point out the positive and negative things about it but you're just plainly hating. On a different perspective, the title of the drama is Healer. Song Jina is an excellent writer and each detail in the drama has a purpose and wasn't there just to fill the airtime. Did Young Shin's mom and Young Shin acknowledged each other as mother and daughter? PS, I don't like Lee Min Ho very much, I have never connected with his acting, and to be honest I aslo have never connected Park Min Young's acting.

I swear Descendants of the Sun was not that good, I gave up at ep 8 because of boredom. I just finished watching this drama and this drama makes me even want to re-watch it! i watched i have a lover until ep 48, then i started watching healer until end. love every character in this drama, from main leads to supporting roles, even the villains. was hoping that he would appear in other drama this year but he's going into military service. moreover secretary oh the one that cannot be identified , why? I just can't get enough of it, and I'm completely hooked to this hero, Healer/ Park Bong Soo!!! ohhh the last scene between the two leads, when he takes her pictures and she looks at him, there's so much love!!! I am in awe with the writing of this drama, I love that when a character finds out something, he doesn't spend too much time getting over it, unlike in other dramas when there's so much angst and misunderstandings take ages to be cleared! Things I like: her natural instant protective holding of his hands, his hand removed fron his glove to lift her beanie to stop her hurt misunderstanding, entwined hands to give her something to hold on to while waiting in silent, her hands that wiped his tears/doubts away, her hands pulling him back to come back even if "cannot find", their hand that spoke n promised "it is okay " when words need not be spoken, hands that hold while looking at future together finding the "Real me".

But when I was watching healer I enjoyed every second of it. It rarely happen to me so it proves that this drama is such a perfect drama. One thing that I noticed, some of Kdramas that have bad ratings are really the best ones while the ones that have a very high ratings are very boring and ordinary for me. this drama is perfect though the ending could be better. Uhmm, like seriously, what the hell happened to the elder and Moon Shik and their stupid minions, those idiots???? Things I don't like,: my hands that aimlessly clicking "nothing" n couldn't type anything meaningful , in my Heal-less state since Feb 11. Kill me Heal me (which i love) & Shine or go crazy were the only two dramas I was watching that was still airing.

PBS also had bad trauma, and because of Love by CYS he came out of his shell.. One would think this will be dark like city hunter, but it has a different approach. ;p For all the k DRAMA i've watched , HEALER is the best !!! I fell in love with this Kdrama last year and until now the feeling did not fade. The chemistry between Park Minyoung and Ji Chang-Wook seems so natural and it is beautiful. I still get butterflies even after rewatching the series. if you're looking for perfect hero try witch's romance (and no i don't think this drama is better than healer) Conclusion healer, FOR ME, is a good drama, but not a great drama Sorry for going on, but i hate it when people try to invalidate other people's opinions, and be honest, how many of you STARTED this show because of Ji Chang Wook Stop comparing Healer with other dramas, Healer cannot be compared with all pathetic dramas...