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Be honest with yourself about who you are and what you are looking for.

Even if a member does state s/he is interested in a “Casual / Intimate Encounter” or “Discreet Affair”, it is still a bad idea to assume you will get laid even if there is chemistry.If you are unfamiliar with the art of seduction, perhaps it is time for you to buy a book and learn the art.So, if you agree to a date, be sure to show up and be sure you don’t change your price.(4) Be honest in your profile and in person The final, and I believe the most important code of conduct is to be honest.We seem to only treasure something when we have worked extremely hard for it, or have paid an extremely high price to obtain it.

And when it comes to human relationships, this bit of wisdom holds true with great impact.

(3) Honor your agreement Once you have agreed on the amount (or price) for the date.

Don’t wiggle yourself out of it by asking for less or more afterwards.

If you learn the game well, you will soon realize you don’t have to “expect” sex, rather sex will “expect” you.

(2) Pay without having to be asked This one is for the Generous members.

By being honest, you will end up attracting only the people who are interested in you and vice versa.