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During the last call I ever made with him, he asked me, breathlessly post-orgasm, if I would be his online girlfriend. There was the 40-year-old guy who convinced me to phone with him while his wife was downstairs making dinner.

And while the texts show Weiner was aware the girl was a high school student, Cohen said it legally doesn't matter if he knew she was 15 or not.

"You take a risk that it's jail bait" at the other end of the text message, she said.

He was my online boyfriend for a while, but I’m not sure why.

When we talked on the phone, he’d do the talking and I’d just giggle shyly at everything he said.

"Now you're in the ‘Oh my God’ area." "I would think it's time for some kind of police action," Felder said.

Morris Fodeman, a former federal prosecutor in Brooklyn, said it’s a federal crime “to knowingly send obscene material through the mail or over the internet to a minor under the age of 16 years of age.” Anthony Weiner allegedly sexted with 15-year-old girl “There has been much debate in the courts over the years about what constitutes ‘obscene,’ but certainly if the description of these chats is accurate and he knew the person he was chatting with was under 16, there may be criminal exposure here for Mr. Criminal and matrimonial lawyers said they expect police and the city Administration for Children’s Services to be more aggressive now that Weiner may be interacting with a minor.There were dozens of men that pleaded for me to give out my address so that they could send me jewelry and other gifts. There were a few who told me they loved me, and they were my downfall. I convinced myself the sweet nothings whispered to coax me into one more go-around were genuine and that “Baby, you’re so fucking hot” was the same as “Baby, you’re so worthwhile.”I know better now.I know that I was a little girl starved for affection, a little girl who would dance any dance for love, for validation.“You are okay, you are beautiful,” I thought they told me over and over.When my mother found out about him, he told me he was warned by the police to never talk to me again lest he get charged with harassment.As far as I know, he’s the only man that ever found out that I lied about my age.You start hearing things when you want so much to belong somewhere.