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Students seeking financial assistance are encouraged to apply for an alternative loan An alternative loan is a private loan designed primarily to help students with educational expenses that exceed other available assistance (such as scholarships, grants, and Federal Stafford Loans).

These programs offer many competitive features, and the loans may possess similar interest rates, eligibility criteria, repayment options, etc.

Regarding interest rates: remember that an increase in the interest rate will result in an increased payment amount, an increased number of payments, or both.

This has become a mandate, whether delivering new products, services, or project outcomes.

Our ability to understand “the voice of the customer” in order to deliver project outcomes that will “delight” them is not a trivial matter.

However, alternative loans frequently have a higher interest rate, so you may want to consider this option only after exhausting all other financial options, such as government loans and scholarships.

Credit Students are working towards either a career/technical certificate or degree program at Lane, or are taking courses that will be eligible to transfer for a program at another college or university.Noncredit classes are offered at many different locations.Noncredit community education students can take advantage of many college services.The challenge is that most customers do not excel at articulating exactly what they want or need, much less what would “delight” them.Yet they will recognize what they like and even what delights them once they “see it”.Alternative loans cannot exceed the cost of attendance minus other financial aid.