Mature dirty char bot

It doesn't end well.) But in reality, the first wave of commercially successful bots will be functionally simple decision-trees that guide users to the info they need by asking Yes/No questions.This is — potentially — a business that will generate billions in new revenue for tech companies and their clients, according to Better Brand's Amir.

The potential market for bots could be as many as 4 billion people globally.(He gets that number by adding together the users of messaging and chat apps like Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, We Chat, and so on.) Business Insider and Socialbakers just published data at the Engage conference in Prague on communications between customers and companies in Messenger which shows that there are five times as many private messages occurring as there are public wall posts being made on Facebook.Great for just chatting or finding out about someone else's country/life!There are some chat rooms that aren't my thing, but those & the creeps/trolls that come along are easily blocked from my home screen; the app even blocks a lot of ppl on its own if anyone breaks any rules.That's partly because Better Brand has a staff of 25 dedicated to creating them, with offices in London, Israel, and New York.

But mostly it's because Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg declared bots were the future and in April opened up a bot platform in Messenger.The creepers are all over this app, and fill the group chats with things like "single ladies? Back in October 2014, Taylor Swift opened an account on Line, the messaging app that is massively popular in Asia. If you communicate with it, you can hear a funny voice message from Swift, for instance. The Taylor Swift Line account is interesting because: a) she opened it to address the Asian market and b) it is a very early case of a primitive chat bot being used as a marketing vehicle for music. Burberry and Selfridges also have accounts on We Chat and Line.Right now, Swift's Line thing is little more than an account, as opposed to a fully realised AI presence.But soon there will be an avalanche of artificially intelligent chatbots filling up your messaging apps, like Messenger and Whatsapp, according to the folks at Better Brand, a bot marketing startup based in London.Companies will get into the habit of A/B testing different words and scripts to see which get better responses from users.