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Elsewhere, Alex babysits Lily; and Haley spends the night with Manny and Joe.

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Fans tune in to see what she cooks (it varies, but it is always a lot) and how she eats it (with relish). There are thousands of hosts, although she is currently the most popular in the category.

Two things are driving the trend, she says: an obsession with food, eating and dieting, and the loneliness of urban life. You can hear the meat sizzle and the mustard squirt. "It just melts away in my mouth."The Diva's meals are mostly multi-course, multi-hour affairs featuring abnormally large portions. A lot of her fans are young people, particularly young women, who face tremendous pressure to stay thin. "Watching me eat gives them a vicarious thrill."The tone is sensual, but not overtly sexual.

Claire and Jay attend a Closet Convention; Phil discovers what Jay is hiding in his secret closet; Mitch and Cam visit Cam's hometown.

Alex and Haley fight over the local pizza delivery boy but soon become tangled in an even much bigger mess.

The number of one-person households in South Korea expected to jump from 25.3% in 2012 to 32.7% in 2030, the fastest rate among rich-world countries, according Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. "My show makes them feel like they are eating with a friend."The Diva's fans, like real-life friends and family, are full of questions and advice. But she works hard to downplay the difficulty, to make it all look easy.

Park is the woman who eats as much as she pleases, but doesn't gain a pound, the dinner companion who never tires of your company."We tell the fans they should eat with their parents," says her dad, Park Il-lyun, 64. She makes more money than she did at her office job, sure, but she spends most of her time alone, prepping, shopping and broadcasting."Now I have my own fans too."For some viewers the broadcast is a nightly ritual, a virtual re-enactment of a family meal. It is tough to make dinner plans, or meet a life partner (which she says she would like to do), when you have a standing date with three or four thousand online voyeurs.Jay has made reservations for the whole family at a new restaurant that he has waited to go to for months.However, everyone seems to be running late: Gloria takes forever to get ready, Claire becomes paranoid about letting Luke stay home alone and Cam and Mitch fight after they both wear the same outfit.Haley tries to fix the fact that Alex is ignored amongst her fellow students.