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Anyway, so as you can see from the Whatsapp texts below [my texts in white], I was able to get this stranger whom I’d picked up days ago, to agree to come to my apartment and to actually follow through: by text.

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Other exceptions are girls whom you might have picked up a while back, still have their phone numbers, but never really connected with by contacting them.

Be as it may, you want to start with a fresh girl, fresh set and fresh slate.

By no means does this mean to be engaged in texting back and forth for 3 whole days with this 1 girl.

I mean intermittently for the 3 days: a text here and there.

A few minutes of texting over the course of 3 days will suffice in setting the stage…providing you’re doing it right [text game].

You don’t necessarily need to try to build rapport/comfort through text in order to get the girl to come by your place.

Hook Theory Dos and donts of text game Ok, after you would have built some sort of connection with the girl by text through normal text game whereas the girl is engaging, texts back and so forth, this is the framework that you actually want.

I repeat: the girl has to be responsive and engaging or else you have no shot in hell in getting her to commit to going by you.

After you would’ve done enough to significantly get the girl invested, you can then get ready to make the proposal for her to come by your place.

How do you know if and when the girl is invested and engaged? If you leave it up to a girl to seduce a guy over text, she will almost always fuck it up. Ok, so once the girl initiates the texting, you now have all the leverage and grounds to suggest that she comes over to your pad. If you had done everything right in the text-game department: building curiosity loops, etc, she will text you first…and bright and early in the morning too.

This article will highlight and break down and some strategic prerequisites in facilitating the path to getting the girl to commit to coming by your pad. She can get raped, held captive and hacked to death [interestingly enough: women rarely ever logically take this into account]. Ok, so the thing is, after you will have picked the girl up, whether online, on the streets or wherever [and by “pickup”, I mean securing a phone number, Facebook contact, etc], you can now move to the next step of trying to get the girl to your place.