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Culling through a high volume of potential matches will cause anyone burnout.

If you own an Amazon Echo, Pickup Lines is an Alexa Skill that teaches you epic one-liners to get a laugh out of of that cute guy or gal you’re eyeing.

Just say “Alexa, ask Pickup Lines for a line”, and you’ll get cheesy goodies such as “Is that a cell phone in your back pocket?

To alleviate some of the pain, Ghostbot automates your rejections by responding to undesired inbound messages with unenthusiastic deflections such as “I just don’t have any time right now” or “Sorry, just me and pizza tonight”.

The bot also protects users when messages become threatening or aggressive.

What happens when a chess genius and an erotica author team up? After all, a witty pickup line might get you noticed, but you still have to work to close the deal.

Despite the website’s sleazy look, powerful artificial intelligence backs up these sexbots. Levy has twice won the Loebner Prize, an annual AI competition for “most human-like chatbot”, and achieved scores of 100% both times.

Real matchmakers oversee the process and add a special human touch where needed.

Bubby’s founders want to adapt old-fashioned, high-touch matchmaking to modern digital times.

The idea of a matchmaker is to save you time and show you the people you want to see.” Automation and machine learning allow Bubby to scale the efforts of matchmakers and make their personalized services affordable.

Watch Volfsun demo how the virtual matchmaking and dating bot works: Why not learn a pickup line or two while you’re getting dressed for a special date or a night on the town?

Freud says we humans only have two drives in life: the desire for greatness and the desire for sex.