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Of those days i've only had 1 red day & that was due to a risky trade i made on my own.Ive traded for years, always a bit nervous going into a position, but watching your ...Get your Free 3-day Gold Trial Try our Gold Membership for Free!

stocks that are occurring on that particular day (whether that be pre-market, during market, or after hours)? I started the article with this point, and I will end with it.

Warrior Trading runs the largest day trading chat room on Wall Street.

That means I look for stocks that are starting to spike up with the intention of jumping in as quickly as possible, then riding the momentum as the stock continues up.

This strategy requires stock scanners to help us find those spikes!

and more Will our live trading chat room fit your trading style? Hello, just wanted to send you a quick email and let you know how much I have not only enjoyed but also have learned in the few short weeks I have been on you site.

I generally trade 1-2 days a week because my real job gets in the way, but i have been able to log 9 days now in your room.Cancel your trial anytime before the 4th day to avoid billing.Review our Free Trial and Refund Policy information links at the bottom of this page.After trading alone for two years, your room is like a breath of fresh air. A trader’s toolbox is one of the most important assets you can have. (Note: not only do you gain access to the members only chat room, you also gain access to my exclusive newsletter with my Power Profit Scans and private message board community.) This is a very valid question, however, there is a very easy answer to it.In other words, “I have a full time job” is not a valid reason to not look into adding this valuable tool to your box.