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For many, online dating is a code for casual sex, not a path to love, marriage and babies.

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Many people rejected the idea outright as a personal failure. I meet them in person,” said a stylish reveller, her palpable distaste barely hidden behind a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.Those who had tried it said they were underwhelmed by the experience.Tinder’s global success rests on its platform – a geolocated app optimised for smartphones.Users indicate their like or dislike of a profile by swiping right or left respectively, and the profile in question is either permanently removed from the person’s archives, or matched for conversation and ideally, a real life meeting.To achieve these numbers, Facebook was forced to simplify its mobile version in order to cope with slow internet speeds, a problem that Tinder doesn’t face given the simplicity of the app.

most active African country on Tinder, both in raw numbers and by the percentage of its population that uses it.It should have been the perfect place to catch up with Kenya’s online dating enthusiasts.However, when pressed on whether they would use technology, the majority of those randomly interviewed replied in the negative.Anthony agreed; “Online dating makes it easier to approach people, but you have to meet a genuine person.A lot of the people you meet online aren’t genuine.” Users agreed that the limits of online dating in some ways reflected the issues that exist in the physical world.“Online dating in Kenya is creepy,” 29-year-old Susan offered, “I only tried it for two weeks.