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He was a construction worker, and often had to leave town to go to where the jobs were.

He was also out of work often and, at the time, had a bit of a drinking problem. Everyone said I was just like her, smart and gregarious, but with an impetuous, rebellious spirit.

At night, I'd listen outside my mom and dad's bedroom hoping to hear them fuck.

Dad would call Mom a "little fucking slut" and in turn Mom would tell him to "fuck my cunt you big fucking bastard" or "I want you to fuck me in the ass, Baby." Afterwards, I'd crawl back into bed and rub myself to orgasm muttering, "fuck my cunt; fuck it hard and fast; fuck me like a slut" under my breath.

From watching so many pornos over the past few months, I knew exactly what was happening and my little pussy started to tingle like crazy.

Sneaking through the kitchen, I peered around the doorway and saw my mom, her back to me, bouncing up and down on some strange man's cock while he pawed all over her big, bouncing tits.

Still, he seemed content to work when he could and otherwise hang out at bars and strip clubs (one of which his best friend owned), boozing it up with his pals.

Both my parents adored me, and I worshiped them in return; despite my frequent flare-ups with my Mom.Traci Lords, Ginger Lynn, and (my dad had all their movies, I think) became my idols.It was about two months after getting hooked on Dad's pornos, that I first discovered my mom was a slut. Mom was scheduled to work a day shift, so I was a bit surprised to see her car in the driveway.After that, I became the world's most ardent voyeur.I'd sneak home at least once a week to see if I could catch Mom in the act; and I did on so on several occasions.Excited beyond belief, I felt my slender legs almost buckle underneath me. Wailing and whimpering, she urged "Steve" to "fuck my pussy, "fuck it harder, "fuck me like a little bitch." I watched for ten minutes as Mom energetically rode Steve until he bellowed loudly and came in her pussy as she squealed in delight.