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Test takers choose the correct answer from the choices.

They explain that, “while the presence of such material may not make the item more difficult for the test taker, it may cause him or her to become ‘turned off,’ and result in lowered performance” (op. Additionally, those who achieve a score of 840 or higher in all four sections will be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency with Honors. The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) includes six common reference levels, ranging from basic user to master as defined by the Council of Europe (2001).The ECPE is aimed at the C2 (Mastery) level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.The ECPE is administered internationally and is appropriate for adults and university-aged students residing in any country where the common language is not English.The ECPE assesses linguistic, discoursal, sociolinguistic, and pragmatic elements of the English language.In addition, the input should not present controversial, emotionally upsetting, or unrealistic scenarios.

A concerted effort is made to make sure topical content in the ECPE is not biased. 1) define bias as “the presence of some characteristic of an item that results in differential performance for two individuals of the same ability but from different ethnic, sex, cultural, or religious groups.” They further note that another characteristic related to bias is offensiveness, which can obstruct the purpose of a test item. Consequently, ECPE material is scrutinized to ensure that it is not inflammatory, emotionally upsetting, or controversial. ECPE test takers who achieve an average score of 650 or higher will be awarded a certificate.

It is accepted by some universities as evidence of proficiency in English if it has been received within the past two years.

Since its introduction, the ECPE has been regularly updated to ensure that the examination reflects current research in language teaching and assessment and also continues to provide test takers with a test that helps them to demonstrate their language proficiency.

The examination focuses on skills and content at the C2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

Language users at the C2 proficiency level: Can understand with ease virtually everything heard or read.

They should also have a wide-ranging and flexible vocabulary as well as a sound grasp of English grammar.