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→Version 6.14.584 for Windows (Released: December 29, 2016.→Version 2.9.3277 for MAC (Released: April 18, 2016.

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Shape Your Place helps everybody who lives and works in Cambridgeshire share news, information and promote events via blogs, photos and videos.Shape Your Place helps local residents to have a say about issues that are important to them: local people can raise issues about their area and get a response from local public services within 10 working days.On October 19, 2010, Camfrog announced that Paltalk acquired Camfrog.In Late winter 2015, Camfrog announced to the community that they introduced the new software, which it's called Ribbit.Users are able to change their nickname once every three months.

They will also be able to view the top cams list and able to send up to FIVE VIP messages to anyone who isn't on the Privacy Mode (circumventing the protection offered by Privacy mode, which blocks instant messages from any user who is not on a user's "friends" list).→Version 7.1.17 for i OS (Released: December 22, 2016).→Version 5.2.5237 for Android (Released: November 15, 2016).It's also allowed for blocking new nickname registrations.Virtual Gift Camfrog Gift is a virtual gift that can send to any Camfrog users.User rooms have different rules than Camfrog hosted rooms, but must still follow the Camfrog's Terms of Service.