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Seasoned CPAP wearers typically stick to the same mask they find to be the most comfortable but should look at what is new with the brand they prefer to see what kind of modifications have been made to an existing mask family.A good example of positive innovations would be the Res Med Swift series of nasal pillow masks.

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Below we have listed a few masks and categories to help both the new user and seasoned user alike.While many manufactures have multiple masks available in each style, we have highlighted a few from each to consider.A pro to these masks would be price point as they are often cheaper than the nasal pillow and full face.Best CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers– For those that like to switch from side to side during the night the hassle and aggravation of a mask digging into your face can be annoying and painful for sleeping.Once a user becomes acclimated to sleeping with CPAP the sensation of the pressure decreases and some users can switch from full face masks to lesser invasive nasal or nasal pillow masks.

Full face masks are prone to higher mask leaks and it is important to clean the cushion surface nightly to remove facial oils or makeup.

I personally use the Swift FX however I have changed my headgear from the standard model to the Bella straps.

Long time users also have to adapt to change as some masks have been discontinued so this will force them to switch when their preferred mask is no longer available such as the Respironics Go Life series of nasal pillow masks.

As if not hearing my babbling, Mary took the bill and headed out of the cafe. I instinctively put a hand to his chest to calm his frantic heartbeat.

It’s that time of year again where we spotlight some of the best CPAP mask reviews on the market for 2016 and look ahead at new CPAP mask deals coming on the market for 2017.

People with mild or moderate sleep apnea, snoring or upper airway resistance are ideal candidates.