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A tip I can give you is be yourself or be cool or get her friends to be your friend.

There's this other girl that was my girlfriend, until I broke up with her.

A friend told me to be myself, but that's not working. This all started in 3rd grade (had a girlfriend) Liked ----------- in 4th grade (broke up with girlfriend)And yes, I'm in grade 5 I am the most popular boy in the 5th grade. She is pretty and athletic and smart.(She and I made a honor roll)How do I get her to like me if she is into another boy PLEASE HELP ME hey I'm in forth grade and i like a girl named Jenna and she is one of my classmates brother. And Jenna Wagner, If you are reading this I will only revel that I'm in vencil brown elementary and I'm in Mrs. And i will not revel my name hey I'm in forth grade and i like a girl named Jenna and she is one of my classmates brother. And Jenna Wagner, If you are reading this I will only revel that I'm in vencil brown elementary and I'm in Mrs. And i will not revel my name Yea all that happened to me and the day I was gonna ask the girl out school ended lol and we went on vacation then during summer suddenly moved so I am gonna find a way to date her at one point btw my name is Zach im 11 I like this girl named kaitlyn and I'm of course in 5th grade and I think she likes me and she always glances and I saw it in her eyes and smile one day at recess.

If someone can help i might have a chance to make it through the rest of the year. Girls also like humor try to be funny if u guys are good friends it's okay to be caught staring if she catches you, then smile and turn away and girls like guys who r sporty, but not completely sporty try do be romantic u don't always have to make the first move and look even if ur in elementary school and u like a girl and she likes u ASK HER OUT and of u two r really close don't expect her to kiss first cause she might not trust me I've been I all of ur guys' situation Okay, this stuff is total bs.

So I like a girl in my class her name is Emily.i make her laugh and smile but I dont know if she likes the next day my friend told her I like her and I asked if she likes me. I just have confidence and get her skype and now we talk almost everyday.

If you really like her then keep on talking to her and listening! It wouldn't help that we're in different classes but what are you supposed to do about that.

Ok now if you made it this far after about mabe 1-2 months tell her that you like her or that you have true feelings for her and that you don't want to be just friends. So i feel kind of jealous because I think she likes my best friend.Me and chloe talk and she smiles with side glances sometimes (I sit by her do I have private time without mine or her friends. also if you want to know something unbeliveible yet hillarus that she and her best friend (which i have also known as long) did to me just ask :) I'm also scared 2 ask a girl out she's called Jane and I got a massive crush on her and fancy her big time! I tried this and it sorta attracted her coz I managed to get Jane's attention by just being myself and it works until chris came and pushed me into her and she thought I did it myself so Christopher blew my chance to ask her out ;_-( I'm scared to ask a girl out too alex.DON' T JUDGE ME ABOUT THE FIRST SENTANCE duuuuuuuuuude i am just crazy about this girl macyn but im scared to ask her out because i get embarresed easily and if she says no i would die.helpful tip: i would wait until high school to ask her out just make sure your dudet doesnt have a boyfriend Hey I am in 5th grade and I'm a girl and when I had a crush on this one boy I really wanted him to sit by me and I really loved when he told me story's and I was like half died when he asked me out then I wanted him to hug me so bad and please do not respond u know I would get in trouble if mom saw I used her email I think guys when having trouble with girls should have another girl just to talk to about it-they always know best. Soon I'll be stuck in the friend zone:( Reply fast!!!!!! ) So then try to see when she is alone or try to "accidently" bump into her. like one time i saw a cute girl in 5th grade who likes the popular boys. The way to get a girl to like you is to spend some time with her.She has been in the school for 2 years and l only started. hey bro im Max and same dilemma and her name is kaila Mick and she keeps me awake at night.I'm new to the school and also please give me Tips to attract some sporty girls and gamer girls. so anyways i have known her since i first knew how to walk.As long as she's comfortable being around you and hanging out out of school you could work up a good relationship. My name is Noah (also known as The Fiery Monkey *on youtube* ) and Im in 5th grade and the girl I like is named Meghan. But u know what I think (PLZ DON' T REPORT ME) I think he's a pile of shit! step 1: get to know her step 2: go slowstep 3: ask her what she likes step 4: if you like that stuff she's the onestep 5: about 2 days later when you go out to the playground ask her this works 99 percent of the time i ilke this girl, man, she is so frikin' pretty. Finally, after she came to the school when I was grade 2, i FINALLY get my wish. (PS I may be in the friend zone) Im in fifth grade and ever since 1st grade i have had a crush on her now she moved and dosent go to my school anymore but when was over a friends house i saw that she still lived near bye. My username Jloves J stands for Jack loves Jaycie, and vice versa. One more thing I am a girl so boys take this advice. It is supes annoying I even got this Minnie sweater at Disney and he went there and got Mickey! I'm in fifth grade too and I wish my crush would ask me.