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We all remember the data breach stories that trended the news earlier last year like Irrespective of the story above, the answer to whether ‘chat is secure’ is Yes. If you are deploying an ‘Enterprise Chat’ app designed specifically for business purposes, then it comes with security features protecting your enterprise data (Encryption, MDM support etc.), and/or compliance features archiving your conversations thus adhering to industry regulations.

With a rise in companies embracing a BYOD/CYOD strategy, companies are under growing pressure to stay abreast of the industry trends.

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Collaboration is unachievable without the instantaneous sharing of knowledge; still many businesses fail to realise the real value of group chat.

So here we are with our take on the common misconceptions of chat and what is stopping companies from adopting it.

Let’s take a step back and look at “why” it is so popular amongst users?

Chat is predestined for real-time content sharing; it’s snappy, and informal.

But the business world is changing and companies are looking for faster and efficient ways to ‘collaborate’.

Chat is one of the easiest mechanisms to use compared to emails.

Being able to make any image or link bring up the Olark chat box lets you highlight your live chat service anywhere on your site.

As with all the examples below, we recommend enabling Invisible Olark so that your chat box is hidden until someone clicks the link.

Enterprise chat understands the need for integration with existing applications like CRM, Social Media, Email or corporate portals like Share Point, and enables integration, thus saving time instead of going back and forth and searching for the data which you can access within your chat rooms.

Take a look at Mind Link Add-Ins for Enterprise Integration Now how do we quantify the return on the investment of these ‘chat’ applications?

We link to several helpful resources for learning, debugging and how we can help in our Developer API docs.