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This led us to recommending reforms to the Justice JS Verma committee whichwas set up after the heinous 2012 Delhi Gang Rape.

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CSJ functions within the socio-legal framework, which enables us to better understand and address the disadvantages that inform a woman’s experience in accessing justice.

Laws related to violence against women and their implementation on the ground has always been our focus area.Resources: Recommendations Research Report Tools of research Awareness, Training and Capacity Building ‘ to make it easy for victims of domestic violence to report abuse and seek help.Tools for trainings As a capacity building organisation intent on promoting leadership in women and making legal systems more responsive to gender, CSJ conducted many sensitization trainings on laws related to violence against women for officials and representatives.You are not alone in how you’ve been fighting the fat and perhaps feeling like a failure.We’ve been there, and even though we knew we should “eat less” and “move more”, that advice didn’t seem to make a difference long term.S., I laugh, just absolutely laugh at our mating dance.